Today on the podcast:

Although the examples below seem like basic and straight forward things to watch out for, I’ve also gone through the most practical way to fill any gaps in your knowledge and provide a higher quality of service to your clients.

High quality service generally leads to more clients. More clients’ leads to more revenue and more revenue leads to more freedom and choices. With this, you normally provide an even better service as you pick and choose the people you enjoy working with the most. Thus, the cycle that continues.

On top of that, I also go through the mistakes people make when it comes to ‘imposter syndrome’ and how to get overcome it the correct way. Enjoy.

  1. No milk in coffee (any blanket statement without explanation really)
  2. Using the words “just because’ (I actually created one of my best selling programs off the back of this mind numbing words)
  3. Doing the same sh*t with every person
  4. Shirtless selfies and ass photos
  5. Walking around with the ‘god complex’

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