Today on the podcast:

The number 1 fear in the world is public speaking; the number 2 fear is death.. 3 is death whilst public speaking..

If you’re afraid of speaking in public, here’s my step by step guide to getting improving.

I also talk about my own initial fears of public speaking, my brain freeze mid seminar when speaking to an insurance company about diet and how to overcome any fear you have around public speaking.

  • Stay in your circle of competence 
  • Include ‘triggers’ in your notes 
  • Exposure therapy (practise in a safe and controlled environment and then move it in front of people)
  • Record yourself and improve on your weaknesses. Also, use your strengths to improve your confidence.
  • Get out and do it!

Upcoming seminars: 
Rewire Your Mindset Seminar 
Galway Business Seminar 

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