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This was something that came up a lot at a recent seminar so here’s a full podcast on it. On top of going through the five rules for being productive vs. being busy, I also go into how to say no and the importance of deep work for getting more down in less time. I hope it helps.

The rules for being productive vs. being busy!

  1. Rule #1: Learn to say no
  2. Rule #2: Focus on where you want your business to be (the end goal)
  3. Rule #3: Prioritise your ‘one thing’ – the single thing you need to do every day that moves you forward
  4. Rule #4: Use batching and deep work to get more done in less time
  5. Rule #5: Make sure your actions are mapping to your ambition

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Blog post:
Are you busy or productive – the power of batching!

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