Today on the podcast:

The next few months is about surviving and keeping your head above water.


  1. Weather the storm
  2. Keep an eye out for opportunities
  3. Understand it will recover
  4. Be ready to pick up the pieces when it does!

Step by step guide for survival:

  • Make a list of all revenue and outgoings 
  • Trim the fat 
  • Cut back on personal spending for the short term 
  • Build up trust now and out of free content as it will turn around 
  • Be ready for when it turns around in 3,6 or 12 months 
  • Question to ask yourself. What choices can I make now that will benefit me in a year?
  • The governments temporary relief scheme.
  • Online option. Move online or take current (or new) clients online in a virtual 1:1 setting.

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