Today on the podcast:

Becca Gillen is an online trainer, fat loss expert and mindset coach. 

In today’s episode, we dived into all things online business, travel and social media marketing. 

Here are some of the topics we talked about. 

  • ·      Becca’s journey from nursing to teaching fitness classes, teaching classes to 1:1 personal training and 1:1 PT to online coaching. 
  • ·      How the Instagram algorithm change negatively affected her business and why she pivoted into building her email list
  • ·      How to identify online trends
  • ·      Email marketing strategies – branding vs selling
  • ·      Creating courses and multiple revenue streams
  • ·      Click Funnels, Zapier and Thinkific
  • ·      Traveling around the world with an online business 


Becca’s appearance on the Brian Keane Podcast: 

Becca’s Instagram: Becca’s website:   ————————–

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