Today on the podcast:

Chris and Eric are Fitness Business coaches, have built multiple six-figure businesses, they’re #1 International Best-Selling Authors, Speakers, and Podcast Hosts of “The Dynamic Lifestyle” Show.

Their NEW book “Rise of the Fit Pros” is about helping fit pros create more income, impact, influence, and independence by adding online training to their in-person training business.

Here are some of things we talked about: 

  •     Lead generation, storytelling and why people buy people, not ‘people buy coaching 
  •     The hybrid model of 1:1 and online personal training
  •     How to identify your avatar and using that to create your marketing message 
  •     Their ‘ah ha’ moment for when they finally realised the 1:1 business model was broken
  •     Why you need to charge a premium price (the wholefoods vs the Walmart model) 
  •     Using referrals, social proof and the ‘ask’ model for more leads 
  •       Why playing the long game is the secret for long term success! 


Chris and Eric’s Websites: 

Rise of the Fit Pro book:


FREE EBOOK: How To Move Your Personal Training Business Online Guide

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