Today on the podcast:

This month’s episode is a solo Q+A. 

  • Starting to explore a career in nutrition, any tips, part time courses etc? 01:08
  •  What podcasts do you currently listen to for business? 07:44
  • Trying to write a book but finding it hard to stay focused whilst working full time, any tips? 11:08
  • How does your full day business builder work? 15:34
  • Any advice on decision making in your business, for example, do you have a process or system? 20:50

Full day business builder details (limited availability) 


Online Business Courses: 

  1. How To Start, Build and Grow Your 1:1 PT Business
  1. How To Move Your Personal Training Business Online
  1. How To Scale Your Online Health Or Fitness Business (1:1 to 1 To Many)
  1. Become a Certified Nutritionist!

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