Today on the podcast:

This is a very practical episode that will give you back some of your time, pre-qualify higher quality leads and increase your conversion on enquiries. 

  1. Pick the subject based on your business model  02:39
  2. Record five episodes. For example, your philosophy on diet, training, sleep, supplements and mindset. 
  3. Send all slow to convert of ‘turtle’ leads here 
  4. Market it on the current platform and get clear on the call to action.15:36
  5. The equipment/software you might need. 26:17

Online Business Courses: 

  1. How To Start, Build and Grow Your 1:1 PT Business
  1. How To Move Your Personal Training Business Online
  1. How To Scale Your Online Health Or Fitness Business (1:1 to 1 To Many)
  1. Become a Certified Nutritionist! 

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