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Jonathan Goodman is a household name when it comes to online business in the fitness industry. 

He launched the Personal Trainer Development Centre in 2011; published Ignite the Fire, the first of his 11 books for personal trainers, in 2012; and founded the Online Trainer Academy, the first-ever certification for online fitness and nutrition coaches, in 2016. 

Originally from Toronto, Jon spends his winters traveling the world with his wife Alison and son Calvin. They’ve lived in 10 countries, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Thailand, Greece, and Montenegro.

Here are some of thing we talked about in today’s podcast. 

·      Why failing to empathise with your prospects is the reason you’re struggling to promote your message

·      Why selling has nothing to do with merit and theory being emotional driven sales 

·      How to use the power of loose connections to get more leads

·      The 1% uniqueness factor and riches in the niches

·      How to get your first 5 online clients and how to grow from there 

·      Free upon completion challenges and using lose aversions to progress people on their fitness journey 

·      The 5-1-60 offer and how to make a compelling offer 

·      How to find the right courses, mentors or programs by using the skin the game filtering process. 



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