Today on the podcast:

October 2020 Q+A with Brian.
  1.   Tips for training at home with covid restrictions?  01:51
  2.   I’m looking to gain weight before next season with an emphasis on gaining strength and speed but staying as lean as possible, probably through a bulk and then a cut. How should I go about putting on as much lean muscle as possible whilst gaining as little fat as possible?  10:57
  3.    What does your mobility routine look like?  18:46
  4.   Do you have any recommendations for a Zinc supplement to use?  23:27
  5.   What sort of exercises can be used to increase “shiftiness”. I’m super fast in a straight line but when I get the ball and need to turn and cut it seems I’m below average. I would be particularly interested in the exercises that you would do outside the gym because I feel like my gym work is already geared towards this goal?  26:47
  The GAA Lean Body Program:      

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