Today on the podcast:

  1. How do I get match fit? I do a lot of long distance running and gym work but don’t know if it will stand to me? 01:01
  1. How do I get faster for the upcoming season?   11:52
  1. I do a lot of running, with one long run at weekend 5 or 6 miles ,the other runs would be in the 3 to 4 miles range. Would these types of runs make me slow for GAA? 17:36  17:36
  1. Do you think it’s important to build an aerobic base before doing the typical anaerobic work that the GAA requires?  22:13
  1. Hi Brian what’s the best way to lose body fat but tone too?….. I find with work I can eat breakfast and a lunch but then in the evenings I’m so hungry ?…. I would have dinner and still be very Hungry?   26:32
  1.  I need to add mass to my arms and legs but when I up the calories in tandem with workouts it tends to add fat to my face and torso. How do I add lean mass without the body fat?   33:34
      The GAA Lean Body Program:  

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