Today on the podcast:

  1.     Just with lockdown people are running more on the roads, find myself shin splints and a tightness coming from the back of my calves becoming an issue any tips / stretches to prevent this? Also gyms closed, what upper body exercises should I do?  01:06
  1.     If you’re inclined to struggle in the strength/anaerobic side of things, would a CrossFit style workout be suitable to help build the anaerobic capacity while hitting strength requirements? Ie. Doing an AMRAP or EMOM etc.  09:51
  1.     How would you structure your week of running to be ready for Football when it returns? Are we better doing shorter runs/longer runs or a mixture of both? Is tempo running length of field runs a good way of going about this?  14:36
  1.     What sort of running do you recommend for Gaa players in the off season?   19:16
  1.     Is it a good idea for a GAA player to take zinc supplements?   23:23
  1.     Struggling to get into a good sleeping habit (getting 8 hours a night going at the same time etc) do you have any advice on how to get a good sleeping structure/ habit in place?   29:08
  Resources Mentioned   Free GAA Lean Body Guide:   Leaner Stronger Faster Book (my GAA book on Amazon):   Want to work with me directly? Check out the GAA Lean Body Program:   Nick Littlehales’ Sleep Podcast (Ronaldo’s former sleep coach):      

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