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March 2021 Q+A: 

  1. I’m 17 years old and play Gaelic and rugby and a lot of sources have said that I shouldn’t be deadlifting. What is your opinion on this? 00:42
  1.   I’m currently trying to bulk as much as possible before the oncoming season which involves me going to the gym 5-6 times a week. I’m also trying to get fit by doing approx 3 runs a week. Do you think runs and gym sessions should be done on separate days or is it ok to go to the gym and then go for a run later in the day or visa versa? 11:01
  1.   If you improve speed will this also increase fitness if you include maintenance work as you will have a higher anaerobic speed reserve? 17:39
  1.   I was wondering what your take is on me lean bulking and I’m wondering will it slow me down or affect my performance? 25:52

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