Today on the podcast:

Today’s episode is a one by one breakdown on all the popular recovery methods or tools for GAA players. If you’re wondering which ones work best for what and what ones are under or over rated, give the full episode a listen. 

  •       Foam rolling and myofascial release 04:55
  •       Trigger point work 07:51
  •       Stretching, yoga and Pilates 11:00
  •       Compression gear 13:19
  •       Vibration therapy and massage guns 16:23
  •       Cryotherapy and ice baths 19:20
  •       Epsom salt baths, Sauna/steam rooms/jacuzzi/hot tubs 22:32
  •       Deep tissue and sports massage  26:36
  •       Chronditan and glucosamine (supplements) 29:08
  •       Arnica and magnesium gels 31:13

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