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“Thanks so much again for the help over the last few months in the mastermind. The biggest difference I can see from you and other mentors out there is you care and that comes through. The results from your guidance speak for themselves. Up 36% revenue [recurring] Added a new product. Exciting new project in pipeline, and the most important thing for me is I have my time back and not working for the sake of it Just want to say thanks again”

Shane Walsh, Owner of Shane Walsh Fitness

“Honestly Brian, thank you so much. I hope you know how much benefit I got from your knowledge and guidance. I came in with literally zero business knowledge and I’m leaving with a passion for business and a need to learn more! I am so excited for the future.”

Kate Hamilton, Owner of Kate Hamilton Health

“If I hadn’t done the mastermind and focused so much on the online side, my business would be in big trouble now during covid. This will mean I can keep my head above water! Thank you again.”

Lyndsey B, Pre and Post Natal LB Fitness

“These are some of the main things I got from the Mastermind: 

  • Realizing what I actually need to do to make my brand known
  • An achievable long term social media plan
  • Viewing first-hand the consistency I require during lean ones to keep sales up (which I don’t currently have)
  • How to portray your true self/your company online without copying warehouse gym or similar
  • How to protect the long-term future of the business
  • Testing price points I earned €9600 in August and only €9300 last January
  • E-mail marketing (making money while you sleep)
  • Talking to my avatar

Thanks again for all the help”

Gary Scully Owner of Scully Fitness Gym