Mentorship and Business Coaching

Who am I?

I’m Brian. Owner of Brian Keane Fitness LLC, three times best-selling author and host of the #1 Health Podcast The Brian Keane Podcast. I have built a multiple six figure online fitness company and my business coaching specialises in helping you grow and scale your business by making more impact in less time.

Six Month Business Mentorship Program:

Who it’s for?

  • Established business owners looking to grow or scale their online business.
  • 1:1 service business looking to move online.
  • Exhausted coaches or trainers who are close to burn out due to the demand of their service and want to earn the same or more with less commitment time. 
  • Business’s looking to grow from five to six figures a year. 
  • Coaches or trainers looking to write a book or create multiple revenue streams (passive and non-passive) in their business to support financial growth with less contact time.

Note: this program is limited and may require a waiting period to begin.

12 Week Online Business Coaching:

Who it’s for?

  • Beginners: New coaches or trainers looking to get established in their industry.
  • Side hustlers: New or soon to be qualified coaches or trainers looking to quit their full time day job to start a career in the health, fitness or wellness industry. 

Note: this program is limited and may require a waiting period to begin.

Connor Shaw, somebody who has become the king of execution in recent months and has been working with me in my mentorship program.

What was the biggest impact in terms of benefit from the mentorship?

I would say the accountability … before I make a decision on a lot of things I will run it by you first.

Who you would recommend the mentorship for?

… anyone that is up and running, but wants to take their business to another level …