Today on the podcast:

I know myself that October is such a hard month to stay motivated so here’s a challenge if you need something to keep you accountable for the month ahead.
  1. Cut all the processed food for the month of October
  2. Only have sugar or alcohol on Saturday night.
  3. Add these 20 minutes of finishers instead of cardio at the end of workouts
  4. If you cant get to the gym, add 100 squats or push-ups a day
  5. Add a strong probiotic twice per day (gut health and
  6. absorption)
  7. Drink an extra half a litre every day
  8. Add two cups of green tea a day
Screenshot and put as the screensaver of your phone to ensure you do it every day.
Hashtag #briankeanefitness on Instagram for accountability for the month of October.

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