Today on the podcast:

This episode is a little different to normal.

A Leaving Cert student came to me with questions for his Entrepreneur LCVP project and I thought they would make for a valuable podcast episode for anyone out there who runs a business, is self-employed or would like to make money in fitness.

I hope it helps and be sure to hit me up on Instagram DM and snapchat to let me know what you thought.

This goes pretty in depth on how I went from social welfare, living with my mum and dad and how it took me three different attempts to get my fitness business off the ground.

I’ve been so fortunate to have gone from flat broke on welfare to #1 Best Selling Author with hundreds of people come through my programs every month in less than 4 years.

If nothing else, I hope this episode serves as inspiration if you are struggling in any area of your life and that you only truly fail when you stop trying.

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