Today on the podcast:

  1. Focus on the process: “if u can’t be happy on the journey, how can you be happy at the
  2. destination” – Buddha
  3. Compare yourself against where you were and not by who’s in front of you. Your chapter 1 is going to look very different from someone else’s chapter 20.
  4. Realise there are only really three types of people in your life – haters/naysayers, the ones that don’t
  5. care what you do and your #1 fans – choose who you spend the majority of your time with very wisely!
  6. Happiness comes from subtraction, not addition. I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies, focus on quality over quantity every time.
  7. Ask yourself, who is it that really matters? Find the 5 people in your life whose opinion matters, everyone’s else’s opinion is just noise.

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