Today on the podcast:

I’ve probably learnt more in this last year than I had in the previous five combined. I hope this episode helps as much as it helped me re-listening to it.

  • Self-awareness is more important than any skill or knowledge you can learn. You need to do what’s important to you and not what the world says you should do.
    “Be yourself because everyone else is taken” – Oscar Wilde
  • Process is EVERYTHING! I spent large chunks of 2016 doing things that I thought would make me ‘successful’ – success comes when you love what you’re doing
    “If you can’t be happy on the journey, how are you going to be happy at the destination?” – Buddha
  • Success is massively subjective – two years ago, I got everything I thought would make me successful ‘a new house, a brand new car, money in my bank account etc’ but I felt the exact same by the end of the year. This year I learnt that ‘success’ for me is spending time with my little girl and helping as many people as I can with videos, podcasts and programs. Find what ‘success’ really means to you and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to hit it.
  • Happiness comes from subtraction, not addition. I always thought that ‘i’ll be happy when.. I have this car.. this house.. this level of body fat.. this amount of money etc.” – I was always adding and putting my happiness into some external addition to what I currently have. This year I learnt more about the things that truly bring me happiness and fulfilment and it comes from taking things away (people, things, situations), not adding them.
    “Perfection isn’t when there’s nothing left to add, its when there’s nothing left to take away” Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Knowledge is just filling the gaps between what you don’t know you don’t know AND it can be learned! Everything you don’t know, you can look up, it’s the things you ‘don’t know you know’ that will kill you. Books,

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