Today on the podcast:


  1. Do you burn more calories by carrying out your reps slowly or fast? Or does it even matter?   01:04
  2. On a time under tension lift, do you stop before the top of the movement? I don’t know if the muscles are under tension or if it’s just lactic acid? 11:26
    How much weight should I be squatting weight wise? 20:12
  3. When dieting, at what stage should you take green tea extract – or should you always supplement it? 26:12
  4. What is your favourite ever exercise? 32:17
  5. How can I stay motivated when starting a new plan? 35:35
  6. From your competing days, did you find that it pulled you into an obsession? It seems to be so focused but all I think about is macros, training etc? 43:45




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