Today on the podcast:

  1. How can I avoid eating junk food? I feel like I’m always craving it. 02:21
  2. Do you ever hit a wall midday from getting up so early in the morning? I get up at 5 am (like you every morning) but always feel drained by 11 am and need a nap. It takes me so long to get going after the nap though and it takes a big chunk of my day? Any help would be great?  14:29
  3. I’ve heard you mention CrossFit a few times, what’s your opinion on it? I’ve been doing it a while now and I love it but not as happy with my body composition than when I was doing normal weight training? What are your thoughts? 28:37
  4. Is there anything you can do to help me deal with a break-up? I broke up with my ex-girlfriend and think I made a big mistake. She doesn’t want to get back together. What should I do 37:14

Resources mentioned:

The Fitness Mindset – Amazon Best Seller

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GAA Muscle Camp


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