Today on the podcast:

  1. How can I build the mindset to make healthier food choices? I think I know what foods are good and bad but I just can’t seem to stick to eating healthier, any tips would be great?  01:15
  2. What are your thoughts on ‘twice a day’ training? 12:26
  3. What are your thoughts on visualization and meditation? 23:53
  4. Hi Brian, can you do a podcast about how to cope with a partner who isn’t supportive of your fitness journey? When I married my partner, we were so unfit (drinking and smoking and eating crap) but now I’m on my fitness journey my other half feels left behind. He is jealous, suspicious and (whether subconscious or unconscious) tries to sabotage my attempts at improving my lifestyle and body. How do I cope? 38:37


Resources mentioned:

The Fitness Mindset – Amazon Best Seller

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GAA Muscle Camp

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