Today on the podcast:

For this one, I just pressed record and talked about of my experience running 250km self-sufficient through the Sahara Desert the week before last. I go briefly into everything I did with my training, food and mindset before the event and then all the ridiculous and life-changing moments during and after my time in the Sahara. This episode goes through the highs and the lows. I’ve talked everything from avoiding snakes and scorpions on the long day (86 km), seeing people hooked up to IV’s and puking blood to cutting away the steel poles holding our tent to try and survive a sandstorm (side note: I’ll never take having a roof and four walls for granted ever again!). I hope you enjoy this one. This episode is dedicated to my MDS tent mates Simon, Johnny, Paddy, Hugh, Fergal and Pete who all played a huge role in helping me get to the finish line.

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