Today on the podcast:

Dr Hazel Wallace is the girl behind the food medic and is very much spearheading the new generations of doctors that encourages her patients to think outside the pillbox and manage their health through their nutrition, fitness and sleep.

Hazel is so incredibly knowledgeable and I LOVE her message. We also got into her new book ‘The Food Medic For Life’  (which has hit the bestseller list everywhere it has been released).
I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

Notable timestamps:

  1. How the food medic blog got started 06:05

  3.   Meditation and training as a morning routine 11:59

  5. Fueling up and powering down your day 19:50

  7. The biggest nutrition misconception hazel sees 24:52

  9. Hazel’s workout routine and how random training and random exercises produce random results 26:47

Hazel’s Links:
Food Medic For Life

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