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On this weeks episode of The Brian Keane Fitness Podcast, Brian answers your questions regarding how to improve your self-discipline, supplementing with Zinc, Fitness for new mums and asks the question; what would you give up if you had to, chocolate, sex or your phone.

  1. I was wondering could I get your opinion and thoughts on people doing Ramadan that are not Muslim.. People doing it for self-discipline purposes? 02:33
    What’s your opinion on taking zinc as a supplement?  11:06
  2. What’s next after finishing Marathon Des Sables? 17:54
  3. I have a holiday in 8 weeks, can’t get motivated to get in shape for it, any tips for getting motivated? 20:59
  4. I’m a mom to a 10-month girl, I was heavily involved in fitness before I got pregnant but since I’ve had her I feel like I don’t deserve to train again, as if guilt starts to kick in. Is it a maternal thing? I desperately want to train and not have that guilt hanging over me, I find it helps me escape from the world? 24:43
  5. The blog today was exceptional Brian (linked below). Question and maybe it’s silly but how do you keep yourself on track every day mentally? Do you have things every day that you do for yourself to keep you at peace or pushing forward? Or is it all about your frame of mind rather than routines? 33:15

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