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Personally, I’m always trying to optimize things in my life to get more done, have more impact and be more effective and happier in general. I break my life into four quadrants (Health, Wealth, Love and Fulfillment) and score them out of 10 every month. These experiments are all ones that have ‘stuck’ and that I’ve doubled down on to improve on the areas of life that are important to me so hopefully, this episode helps you determine what’s really important to you and what experiments can help you get to those goals quicker.



  1. Getting up an hour earlier (start with 15 minutes earlier) 20:41
  2. Not checking social media first thing in the morning 25:05
  3. Getting ‘R.E.M.’ based sleep 28:18
  4. Doing finishers instead of ‘boring’ cardio 31:43
  5. Turn your car into a library on wheels (audiobooks) 37:02
  6. Digital detox every Sunday 45:11
  7. Emails, Whatsapp or ‘100 times a day tasks’ at designated times only 47:00
  8. Reducing blue light in the evening to help with better sleep 48:11
  9. Cutting all caffeine three days every week (this is hard!) 49:51
  10. Seeing money and time as wasting, spending or investing (paying for value, not price) 52:21
  11. Working only at optimal times – being productive vs. being busy 56:08
  12. Writing down goals or things that are bothering me to reduce anxiety 59:40




The Fitness Mindset

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