Today on the podcast:


  1. What’s the best supplement to gain weight? 02:48
  2. Did your weight go down a lot when were training for all the desert marathons? 17:47
  3. How many days a week should you train? 25:36
  4. My weakness is chocolate what is the best way to avoid this? 31:34
  5. What are your thoughts on increasing output (training) vs calorie reduction (diet) for fat loss?  41:51
  6. Wondered what your advice would be in my situation? I have been married since I was 23, for 13 years, and have two kids, who are my absolute priority. My wife and I have grown to be different people with differing aspirations. I still love her but just not in the same way, more like a best friend. I have fallen for a girl from work who feels the same towards me, I’ve told my wife and my family have turned their back on me. What advice would you give me?  50:40



The Fitness Mindset

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