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This episode is for any who works 1:1 as a personal trainer or wants to move their business online and how to do that. I’ve also discussed questions to ask yourself if you’re considering going into the fitness industry from school and college or anyone looking to have a fitness service, product or business as their ‘side hustle’. Everything below really applies to any business but I’ve used fitness as the example in most cases, so I hope it helps.



  1. Who is your audience and where is their attention? (15-17 year olds on Snapchat, 21-30 on Instagram, 30+ on Facebook, commuters on podcasts)  08:43
  2. Niching a market, price vs value and providing value up front 20:09
  3. Your current clients are number 1, they are walking billboards 26:51
  4. What does your perfect day look like and where do you want to be in 6 months, 12 months and 18 months? 35:17
  5. Serve, serve, serve. 41:40




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The Fitness Mindset

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