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James is an online entrepreneur, health and sleep expert and former ESPN, Sky Sports News and Celebrity Interviewer based in Venice Beach California.

Over the years, he has interviewed some of the top stars and celebrities on the planet; everyone from Brad Pitt and Will Smith to Kobe Bryant and David Beckham. During or after every interview he would always ask them about their favourite success habit. Some of their answers are worth their weight in gold!

This episode goes everywhere from strategies for giving up alcohol (or whatever your personal vice) and training with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Gold’s Gym to not judging yourself in romantic relationships (James’s advice to me personally) and blocking blue light at night to improve your sleep quality. This is a real ebb and flow episode. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Notable timestamps:
Training with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Gold’s Gym 14:26
James’s great morning routine with an old-school alarm and gratitude journaling 19:01
Habits from interviewing some of the world’s most successful people (Will Smith’s building a wall) 24:33
Swannies blue light blocking glasses for a better nights sleep. 43:27

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30 days alcohol challenge
Swanwick glasses
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