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James Smith is an online personal trainer and speaker. His mission is to remove bullsh*t from the fitness industry one post at a time and I have to say he has one of the funniest Instagram pages that I’ve ever seen.


This episode is hilarious and it’s loaded with value for anyone looking to get the body they want, build their fitness business or how to live life without caring what other people think. I broke with the traditional format to go in whatever direction worked best, we talked everything from basic fitness principles, keto diet, tinder hookups and not sh*aging your clients or people you work with.


The thing that annoys James the most about the fitness industry 06:37
Going from 4k followers to over 200k followers in a year  24:22
DO NOT sh*g y our clients (James’s personal story, this is hilarious!) 38:37
Why strong girls are hotter than skinny chicks!  54:10

Rapid fire: 42:53
Blondes or brunettes?
Tits or ass?
Irish girls or English girls?
If I gave you a 10 million pounds right now, would you go keto for the rest of your life?
Who or what irritates the shit out of you?
Favourite podcast?
Favourite Netflix show?
Is there anyone on the planet you would give your right arm to hook up with?
One sentence advice to personal trainers?
One sentence advice to keto diet pushers?
Last one, any advice you’d offer to your 18-year-old self?


James website
James facebook
James Instagarm

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