Today on the podcast:

Topics Covered On Today’s Q&A

1: What would be your top exercises for losing belly fat as fast as possible? 03:44

2: I’m trying to set up a podcast in a totally different field (weddings) and need any tips/help to get started? 20:25

3: Quickfire on caffeine.  29:34

  1. A) Does going off coffee enhance the caffeine boost received?
  2. B) Do I build a tolerance to caffeine by drinking coffee daily?
  3. C) From my limited knowledge of coffee and caffeine effects. I understand coffee is a diuretic. Would this lead to dehydration affect performance?
  4. D) Why are caffeine tablets are the best method of getting the caffeine kick?

4: I always make bad decisions, I go after the wrong guys, say the wrong things and let my emotions take control?   36:49


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