Today on the podcast:

Today’s episode goes in a slightly different direction. One my biggest shifts over the last several years has been to ask myself better questions when I’m struggling or working through particular problems in my personal life, fitness or business.

Albert Einstein used to give the same end of year exam question to all his students because “the answers are always changing” – these are some of the questions that I’ve taken directly from the notes on my phone. I come back to them regularly (especially if I’m struggling or feeling demotivated in a specific area of my life)

I hope you enjoy this two-part podcast.


“Smart people have great answers. Genius have great questions”

– Mentor


Questions I Ask Myself?

  • Am I being emotional or rational right now?    15:21
  • How do I deserve what I want? 24:46
  • What makes me happy and what makes me unhappy? 28:32
  • Can this person actually help me or change my situation or circumstance?  48:03
  • Are my actions mapping to my ambition? 55:59




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