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This is a truly inspiring episode of training for a world record attempt and being hit by a truck (spending 3 days in intensive care unit with a collapsed lung and snapped ribs) to running 30 marathons in 30 days less 8 months later. Enjoy today’s episode with one of my favourite people on the entire planet Marcus Smith!

Some of the things episode we talked about

·      Nearly being killed in February 2018 after being hit by a truck

·      Making the decision ‘I’m not ready to die yet’ as he lay by the side of the road

·      The mindset of focusing on the next breath until an ambulance arrives and how ‘control the controllable’ thinking helps him to this day

·      Going from a collapsed lung and snapped ribs to 30 marathons in 30 days in less than 8 months

·      How to deal with negative self-talk and handling fear when reaching for big goals

·      Fuelling, recovering and eating for marathons

Today’s Call To Action:

“What challenge are you going to do that pushes you out of your comfort zone”

DM me and Marcus or post it on your Instagram story and tag us.


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