Today on the podcast:

As I’m currently attempting to run 230km through the Arctic Circle, today’s podcast is a pre-recorded Q+A with questions sent in from Instagram.


1) Anything you would change if you had to re-write The Fitness Mindset in the morning? 06:17

2) If you could take only one supplement, what would it be? 10:01

3) Every time I go to the gym, I get a cold or flu, any thoughts on why this is? 14:21

4) Building muscle and training for an Ironman, is it possible? 25:40

5) Do you eat gluten or dairy? 29:24

6) What MCT oil do you use? 36:53

7) How long did it take you to get used to early morning wake up times? 41:12

8) Keys to dropping below 10% bodyfat?  47:24

9) Is having too much protein going to affect my progress by trying to lose body fat? 52:11

10) Is sugar/fat/salt etc. content overemphasised when it comes to weight loss? 58:33

11) Is specific timing in between sets important? 01:06:45

12) Any tips/examples of how you apply the 80:20 principle in everyday life? 01:12:21


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