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Maeve is a Fitness and Commercial Model, Actress, Lifestyle blogger, Personal trainer, former professional Dancer and best selling author of the book ‘Beat Your Bloat’

She is an expert in women’s health and fitness and regularly puts out amazing content around PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and IBS (Irritable  Bowl Syndrome).

I loved this episode! I don’t think I’ve used the word ‘period’ or time of the month so often in a single conversation but this was a belter! Regardless of gender, there are so many great tips and tricks on eating, training, and mindset here. This was one of these episodes that I was like “my god, we’ve gone way over an hour” – that’s how much I enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it just as much.

Some of the things we talked about

·      Top tips for bloating

·      Top advice for girls during their period

·      How to base your workouts and training around your cycle

·      How to reverse PCOS

·      How to deal with, manage and handle your IBS.


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