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I recorded this one early last week before I started to test the short form questions so this will be the last long-form Q+A episode for a while so I hope you enjoy it.


This was an off the cuff random Q+A after consuming way too much caffeine. I was supposed to be editing my new book but couldn’t concentrate on the laptop so I recorded a podcast instead.


Today’s questions were sent in through Instagram.


1)   What are your top supplements for health?  00:00

2)   Any tips for how to stop thinking about my ex? I have a new girl but can’t stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend.  16:10

3)   Do you keep a training diary? If so what do you track? Sleep, weights, food etc.  23:39

4)   Can you give advice on how to decide what goals to focus on?  27:54

5)   Is it possible to gain 5kg of muscle in 6 months?  36:01

6)   Tips for asking out a girl you like at work?  39:46

7)   Should I give up fizzy diet drinks? (coke zero etc)  43:00

8)   How do you mentally deal with a long term injury that stops you training the way you love?  47:01

9)   If I take fat burning supplements, will I have to take them forever to keep the fat off?  52:01


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