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David Hartigan is the co-owner of the company Hemp Heroes. In today’s podcast, we go through all the most frequently asked questions that come in about CBD Oil.


This has been a game-changing supplement for me and I’ve talked about the benefits I’ve felt from using it. I’ve also linked up with Hemp Heroes for a 10% off code for any orders through their website.


For 10% off all hemp heroes order, enter the code ‘briank10’ at checkout.



  1. Would you recommend staying on it CBD oil long term?  I’ve started it and its great! 14:52
  2. Been having very vivid dreams since taking CBD Oil? Is this normal? 17:39
  3. How does it help you sleep? 19:22
  4. Can you take CBD Oil if you are any medication for anxiety and does it really help? 21:00
  5. Is it a banned substance for GAA players? 24:24
  6. Can you discuss the clinical backed trials? 29:02
  7. Does CBD oil have any side effects the next day? 30:51
  8. What would David recommend as the best CBD for a beginner? 32:13
  9. Can CBD oil become addictive? 40:53
  10. Thinking of taking it for anxiety before exams? Best to take it before or after study? 42:28
  11. Are CBD tablets as effective as the drops?
  12. I’m in the army with a zero tolerance for any drug, is it going to flag in a test? 44:21
  13. Does CBD oil help you fall asleep or just stay asleep? 45:24
  14. Does it affect REM sleep as alcohol or cannabis does? 46:01
  15. I have IBS from stress, will CBD oil help me? 48:38




Hemp Heroes website:


Hemp Heroes Instagram.


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