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Trish Lewis (trisha.transformation on Instagram) is a 31-year-old chef who went from 26 stone (365lbs) to 19 stone (266lbs) in less than a year.

After years of self-sabotage, secret eating, and yo-yo dieting- she finally decided to get on a nutrition plan that worked for her lifestyle and slowly started to exercise more and is now inspiring thousands of people all around the country to do the same!

This episode is incredible! On top of being one of the funniest people I’ve ever interviewed, he rawness about her struggles makes this such a compelling listen. If you’re overweight or obese and feel like giving up, this is a must listen! If you’re into mindset, overcoming obstacles or just want to literally laugh out loud for more than hour, then do not miss this episode!  


Trisha’s Instagram:


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