Today on the podcast:

Todays Q&A podcast jumps all around, focusing on preparing for a holiday, building muscle to what could be potentially holding you back in the bedroom.

  1.     Tips to look my best and get the ‘beach body look’ before a holiday? 01:41
  2.     What do you make of a 5 by 5 program for building muscle? 10:30
  3.     Binged for 3 days, how can I bounce back from this? 14:37
  4.     What happens if you eat fat in your post workout meal? 14:37
  5.     What’s your ‘go to’ workout? 30:13
  6.     Full body workout every day, yes or no? 30:13
  7.     This is a bit awkward but I keep going ‘soft’ during sex, I’m only 20, any ideas why? 45:45




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Epiosde 138: Ori Hofmekler

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