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Joanne Larby is a plus-size model, best selling author, creator and businesswoman

I’ve known Joanne for years and this was an episode we have been planning for ages. I always get so much from our conversations and I’m so glad to be able to record this for today’s podcast.

In this episode, we talk through her journey from plus-size model to the body insecurities that came from getting significantly leaner.

We also spoke about how to learn from past failures and mistakes and how the bad times help you to build a ‘walled’ mindset that allows you to keep moving forward when times get difficult. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed recording it.


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Joanne’s website: Joanne Larby – Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

My episode on The Other Side of Perfect: Brian Keane talks motivation, productivity, turning insecurities into strength and body dysmorphia

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