Today on the podcast:

Similar to the other random episodes I’ve recorded with Paul, I have no idea how this episode will go down as it’s another ‘fly on the wall’ conversation where we pressed record and just talked.


This goes in a million different directions (as do all of our private talks) so I hope you enjoy the lack of structure/conversational style for today’s episode.


Here are some of the topics we covered today.


  •     How to choose your suffering to deal with anxiety or environmental depression
  •     Picking friends by design and not by default
  •     Living life on autopilot and catching the unsupportive habits and stories
  •     Why being self-employed or starting your own business is safer than working a ‘real job’
  •     The paradox of choice when it comes to food and dating apps.
  •     The problem with lying and constantly comparing yourself to others
  •     Setting your standards high by asking what would your ‘target’ self do?




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