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Today’s Q+A from my Instagram

  1.     Can protein powder make you gain weight or bloat if you’re not working out regularly?  05:18 


  1.     Are you HIIT workout on Instagram better than traditional hypertrophy workouts?  13:09 


  1.     Not seeing results after 4 weeks on a program and I’m in a deficit and I’m very active?  17:43 


  1.     Diet overhaul for weight loss. Is it best to use a PT, nutritionist or dietician or are they all pretty much the same?  28:35 


  1.     Going on holiday today and dreading holiday bloating, what’s the best way to avoid it?  34:42 


  1.     How can someone overcome exercise addiction?  40:01 


  1.     I’ve 2 jobs, one I hate but pays more and the other I love but pays less, what should I do?  50:14 



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