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Paul Dermody joins me for today’s Q+A format episode. It’s a bounce-back fly on the wall conversation based around the questions below.


We take turns answering and then bounce back and forth to add more context to why we think or believe it is that way. Enjoy.


  1.     If you could eradicate one product/craze/fad/person from the fitness space, what would it be? 08:43
  2.     Successfully lost weight but now I keep binging badly, tips to stay on track and maintain?30:34
  3.     How to get over the guilt of missing a workout, I think I might be addicted? 52:14
  4.     Who do you follow or watch for mindset inspiration? 01:12:35
  5.     What is the number 1 thin you do every day without fail? 01:28:46



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