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Dr Megan Rossi AKA The Gut Health Doctor qualified as a dietician back in 2009 and received her PHD with the Deans Award recognising her contribution to science in 2015. She is currently a research fellow at Kings College London where she leads research investigating nutrition-based therapies in gastrointestinal health, including pre and probiotics, dietary fibres, the low FODMAP diet and food additives.

Earlier this she year, she founded The Gut Health Clinic in London and brought together a team of gut specialist dieticians to make an evidence-based approach accessible to all.

Her chart-topping book ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’ is now available online and at all your favourite bookstores.

Some of the things we talked about today.

  1. What actually is gut health and how do you know if your gut is healthy
  2. Her new book Eat Yourself Healthy
  3. How can people look after their gut – where should they start and Megan’s ‘golden rules’?
  4. How to manage common symptoms, like bloating
  5. The gut-brain axis and  the link between our gut health and our mental health
  6. The biggest myths surrounding gut health
  7. Prebiotics and probiotics
  8. Fermented foods and the evidence supporting them.
  9. Exercise, yoga for IBS and gut-directed yoga flow
  10. What’s next in the area of gut health and where the research is going.


Megan’s Book: 

Website: The Gut Health Doctor

Instagram: Dr Megan Rossi (PhD, RD, APD) (@theguthealthdoctor) • Instagram photos and videos



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