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Kris is a transformation specialist, entrepreneur, bodybuilder and iron man triathlete.


Kris is somebody that I’ve been personally followed for years ever since going through his 12-week muscle-building trainer way back in 2012.


He is the author of many books including the #1 best seller Body by Design, The Transformer and most recently the incredible Man of Iron, a book that documents his journey as a world-class bodybuilder to become an ironman triathlete.


Kris is also the founder of DTP training method, director and co-founder of Gethin gyms, and the CEO of the supplement brand KAGED MUSCLE which has become one of the highest-rated and reviewed supplement companies in the world.


In today’s episode, we talk about Kris’s journey from natural bodybuilder to Ironman Triathlete and how to mould yourself into a Hybrid athlete. If you’ve ever wondered if the work of bodybuilding, aesthesis and physique can merge with the world of ultra-endurance, then this episode is not to be missed.



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