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This is another ‘press record and talk’ solo episode where I reflect on some of the things I learnt whilst visiting Vietnam. It is heavy on the mindset side of things so if you enjoy when I discuss that topic, then be sure to check out today’s episode.


  1.     Money doesn’t equal happiness. 06:54 05:18 
  2.     Life is short, so stop focusing on dumb sh*t! 19:18 05:18 
  3.     You shouldn’t need a holiday from life! 28:54 05:18 
  4.     You should be excited to see your friends. 40:10 05:18 
  5.     What will this pizza slice satisfy that the last one didn’t? 43:45 05:18 
  6.     Values are largely cultural, so you better what success means for you. 51:43 05:18 
  7.     When you have health, you have many goals. When you’re ill, you only have one. 01:02:32 


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