Today on the podcast:

Charlie Johnson joins me for today’s podcast Q+A.

Charlie was on episode 238 talking about ‘avoiding trigger foods and building a positive mindset’. He is an online transformation coach, fitness model and social media influencer with over 215k followers on his Instagram account.

In today’s podcast, we take turns answering questions sent in through Instagram.


Today’s show is focused on the questions below.

  1.     I work shift work, high stress and I think it’s leading to weight gain, any tips?  09:24
  2.     How to determine if you work better with carbs or fats?  32:18
  3.     Thoughts on fasting, intermittent or micro fasting?  46:06
  4.     The Game Changers documentary, what are your thoughts?  52:28


Charlie’s appearance one episode 238:

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