Today on the podcast:

Today’s episode was supposed to be an interview, but I had a last-minute cancelation so here’s a special solo bonus episode based around the upcoming festive period.


The temptation over the silly season is to just press the ‘F*ck It’ button and then worry about it in the New Year. In today’s episode, I go through the pros and cons of the three main options you have over the Christmas period in regards to your food and drink. 


Enjoy and Merry Xmas!       



1: Staying on plan vs pressing the fuck it button (choose your suffering)

2: Christmas day strategy (weight vs body fat)

3: What I’m doing this festive period and my exact training and diet plan 



January Fitness Programs: 


BKF Online Program starting 6th January 2020



GAA Lean Body Program starting 6th January 2020


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