Today on the podcast:

Today’s solo Q+A covers a wide range of topics. Check out the bottom of the description for details on my upcoming clothing giveaway.

  1.     Every time I eat too much chocolate, I can’t get past the guilt and feel I need to go workout or run, what should I do?  03:03 
  2.     What do you love more (or what would you give up faster), eating or training?  09:55 
  3.     Do you think you could do a better job than Boris Johnson?  17:13 
  4.     Getting up earlier makes me eat more during the day, does this mean I’ll eat more calories?  19:44 
  5.     How important do you think ‘switching off’ is?  26:56 
  6.     Would you ever go fully vegan?  33:04 
  7.     Do you still do all your running on a treadmill?  37:50 
  8.     I’m very bad at taking criticism, any tips on how to improve it?  45:53 

BKF Clothing Giveaway Details: 

Two winners (one male, one female) 

A BKF Blizzard Jacket, Two Hoodies and a Muscle Fit T-shirt. 

To enter: 

Just leave a rating and an honest review for my new book, that’s it. 

Winners announced on 31st January 2020.


Rewire Your Mindset Seminar Cork April 18th2020 (tickets below)

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